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The Exercise Studio  
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The Exercise Center - A Fitness & Yoga Center

Fitness Classes for women only.


We're working out and having a blast!! 

In shape, out-of-shape it doesn't matter.
Go at your own pace. 


TRIM BRULÉE (Burn Method)

What is it??

It is an increasingly intense
combination of calisthenics, kickboxing and
dancing up a sweat to feel that
yummy "burn"


Sunday's 10:30 am

Fitness Classes

*Total Body Workout (TBW)

 Stretching, Low impact cardio workout & matwork
  (abs, hip and thighs.)

*Body Toning - Resistance training with free weights, bodybars and xertubes.

*Zumba - Dance Fitness   Great Latin Music! Easy to Follow Steps.

*Pilates Mat Classes

Also included in 5 Weeks Unlimited

*Tuesday & Thursday Yoga - 6:30 p.m.

(Please check schedule for any changes.)

Fitness/ZumbaPilates Instructors:

Rosalind Mclymont, Phyllis Sorrentino, Jamie Vacca, LaBlast dance/fitness, Anna Lekht, Roseann Gilroy, Anna Reifman,
Mandi Blittner and Millie Miraglia

Personal Training Available
Price is determined by time, day & instructor.


Hatha Yoga Classes


Yoga for everyone...


Having been involved in yoga for such a long time my staff and I are well aware that often those interested in trying yoga are reluctant and intimidated at the idea of walking into a yoga class filled with group of young, agile students who can twist themselves into pretzels without much effort at all.


This, however, has never been the focus of the Studio. Through our yoga program, the health benefits of yoga are accessible to everyone, no matter what shape, size, level of ability or experience. In the peaceful and quiet setting of our Yoga Studio, both beginners and experienced students can experience the benefits of an in-depth yoga practice.


"Pathways to Healing"

A non-invasive healing approach to support and
enhance your physical,
mental and emotional well-being.

1- Do you suffer tension, anxiety, depression or illness? 
2- Are you stuck in a place without the motivation to move forward?
3- Are you willing to shift and change thought patterns and actions that impede your healing?
4- Are you ready to deal with issues that deplete your energy?
5- Are you PASSIONATE about improving the quality of your health and life?

Join me for a one on one session that can begin to help you make changes in your life. This session includes:
Restorative Yoga
Supportive postures with blankets and blocks to

reduce mental and physical fatigue.
Breathwork, imagery & visualization, to strengthen
the inner resources you need to promote better health.
(Hands-on energywork)

To nurture, replenish and balance your energy.

"Feel energized, calm and in balance with body and mind."

Developed by... Millie Miraglia, Fitness Trainer,
Certified Yoga
Reiki lll
Stress Management Consultant - Cancer Survivor.

 Session - 90 minutes - $120

Follow-up 60 minute session - $80

$5 Discount for seniors and Studio students

Also available individual and small group sessions:
Restorative Yoga, Meditation or Reiki Sessions

Price is determined by time of day and instructor

Call for more information or an appointment: 718.373.3747


*Morning, evening and weekend yoga classes

*Yoga Classes for Men & Women

*Most classes are open to all levels.

Beginners,  Intermediate, Advanced.

Check with us to see which classes are best suited for you. We're happy to answer any questions or concerns. 718-373-3747