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Friday, October 9th
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Yoga Master Class
with... Diana Treglia

The heart of yoga is the unfoldment of the Self. We we touch that heart, inner joy, clarity and understanding arise from within. This evening is designed to nurture that inner experience through asana, pranayama and meditation.
Fee: $30
Space is limited and maximum enrollment is expected.
Register now to reserve your space!


Restorative Yoga  Workshop

With... Millie Miraglia

Friday, rescheduling for September

7 pm - 9:15 pm

Nurture yourself - Restore vital energy in your body
Experience gentle, restorative asanas, using blankets and other props to soothe and relax deeply. These supported postures release tension, invigorate and calm the nervous system, and heal the effects of chronic stress in the body. They also help overcome fatigue, illness, stress, & anxiety, enabling us to ease and let go of the chronic “tension” the body often holds.  Whether you have a yoga practice or are just beginning, these sessions are a wonderful opportunity to “receive and be” in the postures, rather than actively move through them.

Limited to 10 Students - Please register early to ensure your place. Refunds granted only if your spot can be filled.Please bring a mat, bolster and an eye pillow if you have one. Wear comfortable clothing.You can preregister with your instructor. If you are mailing in your payment with your registration form we must receive it before the class.Cost: $35 prepaid


Lecture and Q&A - With… Carol Patti, MS              

Clinical Nutritionist - Life Coach

 Guiding your Journey to Optimum Health

 Date To Be Announced

Sometimes we get stuck along our path and cannot move forward. Since emotions play an important role in how we nourish ourselves, they can often get in the way of the changes we are trying to make. A facilitator in the healingprocess, Carol Patti uses a Functional Medicine approach to work with the whole person, “We are all individuals with unique genetic makeup and metabolism which play an important role in the way foods affect us and the way we absorb and utilize nutrients.  In addition, we have come into the world to heal both emotionally and spiritually and therefore our journeys often bring about stress.”  Carol has helped a broad range of patients facing a wide variety of life changes and health conditions including diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, irritable bowel syndrome, gastritis, colitis, acid reflux, arthritis, candida and cancer.
Join Carol in this insightful lecture that will enlighten and inspire you.


Reiki Healing Circle

  Date to be announced


Fee: $15 pre-paid - Registration required


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 Refunds granted only if your spot can be filled.

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[     ]  Yoga Master Class with Diana Treglia - Fee $30
Make Check payable to Diana Treglia or Millie Miraglia


[     ]  Lecture and Q&A - Clinical Nutritionist - Life Coach


1pm - 3 pm -Admission $25 preregistration required - At the door $30 if we have space.

[    ] Reiki Healing Circle

Date to Be Announced

Fee: $25 pre-paid - Pre-registration required

[     ]  Restorative Yoga Class Friday

rescheduling for September - 7 pm - 9:15 pm - Cost: $35

Class size limited to 10 students. Wear comfortable clothing.

Amount enclosed: ___________________________

Mail and make out check unless otherwise specified to:
The Exercise Studio
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